Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life is about making a choice, whether you like it or not.

Sometimes I wonder. What if at that precise moment some years ago I changed my mind and stay? I'm pretty sure my life would be different. I tell myself time and time again to get over it, you're strong, you've been in this situation many times before, and it's their loss, really. But... Is it really their loss? Isn't it mine? These kind of thoughts are so pathetic, ugh. I know this already, but I just can't seem to get over it. Thinking about 'what ifs' is hazardous to your body and soul, trust me. I've done it about a billion times in 21 years of my existence. I've never really talked about my true feelings to people because, well, how do I tell them? I've never been especially gifted in areas like writing and giving a speech and I can't really convert my thoughts into an exciting or touching story so people will actually listen because it's interesting, not just because they have to. My life is not that exciting. Everything's just so so, unlike some people that I know whose life seems exciting all the time. I know sometimes that wasn't the case, but that's how I see it anyway. Huh. Look at your life and choices, Nazirah. Just be thankful for once, it's not that hard. Stop being this pathetic.

Worst part of this is I miss them. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

The first trailer of Journey 2 has arrived, you guys! It seems like a fun and great film for family. Well of course even if it looks boring I'll watch it because my dear Vanessa Hudgens looks so freaking hot in this film. Seriously, look at her, people. She's so beautiful, like a goddess sent from heaven (what even.... haha)

Here's the trailer, enjoy!

The ending scene is so funny, right?

TV Shows

I love watching American TV Shows, really. Unlike Indonesia's 'sinetron', it's not dumb, it doesn't make me boiling with rage and it's definitely funnier and much more awesome.

So here's the list of what I'm watching right now. It's not that much because.. I don't know. I don't have much time to watch the others. Like Castle. Oh my god, how I want to watch Castle so bad. Maybe I'll watch it when all of these shows below are in the middle of hiatus. Anyway, I sort these according to the day I download them here in Indonesia.


In its 2nd season

Just started season 1, only 3 episodes so far


It's the 7th season, fellas!


Has 5 episodes already in its season 3

Season 1, only 5 episodes so far 


Season 5-ongoing

Y'all definitely should watch these great shows! Maybe except Glee.. It's not that great like the 1st season. I stay faithful just because of the amazing cast and their amazing voices, definitely not because of the storyline. Well, just give it a try :-)